Where can I buy a Lulzbot Mini Heatsink?

I’m having an issue with my Lulzbot Mini.

The filament keeps getting jammed in the heatsink. I’ve taken the entire toolhead apart 3 times now, removing the heatsink from the heat block, using an oven to loosen the filament inside so I can pull it out, and soaking it in a solution to dissolve any residue left on the inside. However, each time I reconnect everything, the filament immediately gets jammed again. I am able to heat and extrude once, but once the hot end cools down everything gets stuck.

Does anyone know a fix for this? Or, is there a place where I can buy just the heat sink?

I’d guess that it’s not the heatsink at fault. A better candidate would be the heatsink cooling fan. It should always be on when the printer is on and should be blowing across the heatsink. Does it appear to be running at full speed? If you aren’t sure about the fan, it would be easier to replace than the heatsink.

Both the heat sink fan and the main fan are on and in the right orientation. It’s my understanding that the smaller heat sink fan has no ability to have its speed altered so I’m assuming it’s running at full capacity.

You are correct, the heat sink fan is always on. The part cooling fan is variable and is controlled by M106 commands in the gcode.

I think I would get a replacement 5V heat sink fan before I attempted to replace the heat sink itself. I don’t know what size the fan is so I can’t suggest a replacement that might have more CFM.

Thanks for the advice! I see that part in the Lulzbot store. In case I did want to buy a replacement heatsink, do you happen to know where I could find one of those?