Where to buy TAZ 6 Dual Extruder?

Hi guys. I would like to buy, in some months, the dual extruder of TAZ 6 but I’m located in Spain and Lulzbot stop producing this extruder. Where can I buy it?

Maybe e-bay ?

I have tried Amazon, eBay and AliExpress but all of them sell one for a short period of time and just one unit.

The dual extruder has been discontinued ??? Why??

I don’t know, I tried to get one from the website but it appeared as non available. I changed the country to make sure and it had the same result.

They will be back. They’re busy making whole printers (you’ll notice they’re in stock in the store) and will get to individual parts/accessories. They just got their callcenter back up for phone support. They post updates a lot more often on their facebook page. It would be good to follow for more current info. They’re not dead, just catching up.

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Thanks PdxSteve,

I was worried it had something to do with build quality. I did some brief searching and it sounds like there’s been a lot of issues with the dual extruder failing and needing replacement/repair.

I have a dual extruder v3 for my Taz 6 and have never been real happy with it. It jammed up real bad several times and the PVA towers tend to break before a print is done. On the whole I just don’t like the way the dual extruder V3 works. I’m keeping it because it is capable of printing flexible filaments but I don’t do that often. The issues I was thinking I would be able to solve with the dual extruder, I worked out by breaking my models to be printed into, multiple parts then glue them together after printing.


Wow. It seems ti be a shame. I hope they make a v4 or v3.5 to fix all these problems. Thanks guys for sharing your experiences. I will wait for a new versión or a handmade dual extruder.

I’ve recently started using mine again and am having pretty good results. Under Dual Extrustion in Cura, I cleared the check boxes to enable prime tower and ooze shield and it prints OK without them. I’m still trying to figure out how to get better quality prints but functionally they are fine. I think it might just be the the filament I’m using and am going to try something different soon.

Per sales they told me they are discontinued due to them having so many clogging issues.