Where to get those heat set nuts and screws that Lulzbot use

I can find the M3 hex screws on ebay but no luck locating those heat set nuts.

Your best bet is going to be ordering from Mcmaster Carr. Here’s the direct link to the inserts. http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/119/3267/=orxceo The screws are just going to be standard allen head capscrews in whatever size. I also definitly reccommend getting the heat setting tip for the soldering iron at the same time you order the inserts. The soldering iron tip will also be the larger industrial sized bore, so you may need to get a diferent soldering iron. i’ve tried installing them with the a standard soldering iron tip and it is just really difficult to get them set without messing up the part mainly because the pointy bit is too long.

For those wondering what the inserts from McMaster look like and if they will fit a soldering iron you already have at home…
Installation Tips (M3 & M2.5) on the left and Extraction Tips on the right.

And if you order their soldering iron, this is what they send you

If you are saving cash, you don’t technically need the Extraction Tips. I found I could extract with the Installation Tips by placing the tip into the insert at a 45 degree angle, just barely catching the first few threads and wiggling it back and forth to pry the insert out, once the insert got warm enough.

Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for.

I used 2-3 extra heat set inserts as a spacer on the long soldering iron tip. Installing the inserts into the other parts with no depth issues ran quickly with that many already hot.

What sizes & length of heat set nuts do you recommend?
Internal… Insert… Tapered Hole Dia
Thread … Length…(A) (B)

M3x0.5… 3.8 mm… 5.1 mm… 5.31 mm…
M3x 0.5… 6.4 mm… 4.7 mm… 5.23 mm
M4 x 0.7… 4.7 mm… 5.7 mm… 5.99 mm
M4 x 0.7… 7.9 mm… 5.3 mm… 5.94 mm
M5 x 0.8… 6.7 mm… 7.7 mm… 8.00 mm
M5 x 0.8… 11.1 mm… 7.1 mm… 8.00 mm…

I tend to use the shorter ones because the parts I’m installing them in don’t have a lot of excess space in them for depth. I’ve used the M5x0.8 6.7mm long ones and the M3 3.8mm long ones. If you have additional length in the part you are installing them into, dfefinitly go for the longer one, but if you don’t the short ones seem to work really well. I’ve never had one pull out of the plastic on me even when I was trying to dislodge one to see how much strain it could take.