Why is my full model not printing?

Hi Everyone,

New to Lulzbot and 3D Printing. I’ve had this model printed on a Dremel Digilab. No issues during that print - support structure were good and the entire model was printed. It is a simple lid to a box.

With the Taz 6 I am having issues. If you look at the attached images, you can see that there is a lip with a square notch that goes around the entire lid. Well, Cura Lulzbot Edition isn’t printing the lip or showing it after being sliced.

What you are seeing is how Cura placed the model automatically. You can see that the bottom part of the model (including the fillet) are omitted. If you rotate the model on the other end, it prints part of the lip but of the 2 ends are omitted as well.

Can anyone help me understand why this is happening?


I’ve had things like that happen if the piece was too thin or too small (like a letter). How thick is that lip or how tall is it?


Hi Monty. It is pretty thin, less than 1mm, but I’ve printed this model before.

What was the nozzle size on the printer that printed this successfully? What is the nozzle size that fails? What slicer was used for the successful print?

You might try a smaller layer height and a smaller line width and see if it slices correctly.