Taz 6 not printing on the plate surface

I’ve had my TAZ 6 for about 8 months now and not had any issues till now.

When I go to print, the head does not seem to go all the way down to the bed, staying about 1/8th inch above the surface. The plastic seems to just squirt out in mid air, leaving blobs and haystacks.

I’ve cleaned off the nozzle, washers, and bed, but nothing seems to help. I’ve retried the print about 4 times and get the same issue.

Any suggestions? Adjustments? Thanks?

Turns out this is apparently an issue with the model. When I attempt to lay the model on it’s large end (it’s a tank end for the Saturn V on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:911891), it seems to float several layers above the bed with nothing touching. I even tried the lay-flat button.

Anyone have any suggestions? Any good stl editors out there?

If you are using cura, i just sink he model into the print bed by a few mm.


Are you sure? My Mac version has it on te second page of settings.


Ahh, quite right. “Cut off object bottom”. Didn’t see it there. I had done a google search ant the Cura 2.3.2 version has arrows to drag.

Thanks again