X-axis bushings loose

My fairly new TAZ 5 seems to have developed a looseness in the 3 bushings that support the X axis / extruder carriage. I am pretty sure this is then causing a wobble in the vertical surfaces of my prints. Although, I suppose could be something else, like a Z-axis screw being bent or binding. But the slop is pretty severe, maybe 1mm or so, which seems like it could cause all sorts of unevenness in prints.

I have a couple of sample octopus prints: the ivory one was the test print shipped with my printer. The white one is a recent print, slightly larger, where you can see the bands. (sorry for the blur).

I have the habit of pushing new filament through the extruder by hand to flush out the old color. I wonder if that has put too much force on the bushings and caused them to become loose.


You may need to re space the bearing holders on the back of the x carriage.

Thanks. Would that entail elongating the screw holes? I’ve tried tightening down the holders as wide or as narrow as I can stretch them with the given holes, but it make little difference.

Is this a normal maintenance issue?

You shouldn’t need to elongate the holes. if its still wobbly with both barriage holders at either extreme, something else may be amiss. It’s not very common to have to adjust them, but it does happen. Installing one of the anti wobble modifications will also take care of that for the most part.

After contacting support, they thought it was Z-axis binding and gave me a recalibration sequence to follow. That seemed to help, and produced the improved octo on the right of this new pic. (It doesn’t look that much different in the pic, but does feel smoother)

I’m still curious as to how the loose bushings might be contributing to general unevenness in prints. And, could you point me to posts that describe the anti-wobble modifications? Someday I might try the openrail upgrade, but first I’d like to try some simpler mods.

Here’s my Anti wobble project: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1089626
There is another one in the development forum as well.