X-Axis Not moving

Hey guys,
Out TAZ 5 printer has an issue that we cant seem to figure out. The X-Axis is not moving. our Z and Y is moving fine, but its the X axis that wont seem to budge. Is this a common problem that can easily be fixed?

please help, and thanks to everyone who responds :slight_smile:

Check the plug into the board and the X motor to Wiring harness plug and make sure they are fully seated. Also try hitting the “home” button again and see if that helps. Also, just to confirm, when you say “X axis” do you mean the Axis that has the printer extruder on it that goes from left to right? (I know, I only ask because some people get that confused with the Z axis which could be stuck for a different reason)

If it is making noise but not moving, check the set screws on the motor pulley. If it is making alot of noise (buzzing) but not moving, that can be a pin reversed in the harness somewhere.

If it was a fuse, it should be none of the motors moving. It is possible for it to be an electrical issue on the Rambo board as well, but those are pretty rare.

Can you move it manually from the LCD? Does the Home command move it at all but manual controll won’t?

You may also want to check the X axis endstop