Printer changing coords within layer

My Taz 6 printer started doing a vibration or jigger while moving within a layer and then the print is off. X or Y sensors or something? Or maybe the belt is stripped or too lose? I started this print 3 times and got exact same results so it is very consistent and repeatable.

I see the double wipe holder there, are you using the wrong firmware with a dual v3 toolhead installed? If it’s crashing into the side, that would definitely throw your X off.

Since it’s so repeatable, video of it happening would be more useful than the picture of the aftermath.

I had a video but the upload doesn’t take mp4

Post it up to youtube and provide a link. If you’re more comfortable doing a private video on youtube, rather than public one, do that and share the link via direct message.

I also edited the original posting to include that link.


Definitely looks and sounds mechanical, but what I don’t see is anything special about that movement at 0:26 where the skipping happens. Can you do a picture of that area of the bed? Perhaps even posting the STL might help identify what is happening there.

Go with the basics though - check both grub screws on the X axis motor gear, as well as tension of the belt.

Also a side note, that is a TON of gluestick on the bed. Usually a very thin, barely-visible layer is all that is needed, so you probably have other issues with Z offset to tackle once this is good.

What you see being printed us a spoke of a wheel. I had successfully printed 2 of them but the third had that shift in coordinates several times in the build. And the first layer was fine. I only checked it at the end. So i tried again and you saw what it was doing. So i don’t think its the bed.
I will check the screws and belt.

So I discovered a tiny bit of ninjaflex caught on the y axis. I think that as the “bushing?” or barrels around the axis moved over it it locked it. I think. It seems to be working now. I need to keep my print area clean.

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