Y axis binding

I’ve noticed that when I move the bed by hand (with the power off of course), that there is binding and tightness as the bed gets closer to the motor. Farther away and it frees up nicely. I’m going to check the height of the pulley on the motor to see that is pulling against the belt causing this, but it’s noticable.

Second and somewhat related. Had anyone ever measured the distance from the edge of the bed to the front (when the bed is back) perimeter line when running the calibration print? I have about a 1/4" different in that width between the left and right sides… this is from the front of the bed to that line measured on the left and right.

I haven’t noticed it on the back of the bed and I’m wondering if this tightness that I’m feeling is causing the bed to bind or cock when it’s running at what would be basically the Y home distance.

Curious if anyone else has noticed this?


Here’s a duh moment for you… That bed calibration piece, the perimeter line is not symetrical… I suspect this is an artifact of how that line is calculated… I would have thought it was a perfect square, but it’s not, it’s narrower on the left than the right - front to back… Boy did I just learn something…