Calibrating y-axis on Mini

Hi, I got my Lulzbot Mini just yesterday and somehow I didn’t notice the transporting support in the back of the bed before I turned the printer on. :cry: The support keeps the bed from going from going towards the back of the printer during transport.

When the bed tried to go there against the support I think the belt might have skipped on the gear. After a few seconds pushing to the support the printer went to “fault mode”. After restarting it seems to work and I managed to print the roctopus. But the thing is that when leveling the bed the nozzle hits to the VERY edge of the front washers. My worry is that the bed is more towards the front of the printer than Mini “thinks” it is.

Is there a way to calibrate or check the position of the bed?

mine just touches the rear edge of the washer which is normal
hope that helps

When the mini Y bed homes itself at the start of a print or when you press the home button, it automatically resets the size of the bed and available travel based off the location it is at when it encounters the Y endstop. It then uses the range of travel programmed into the printing interface. If it was going too far you would be hearing a rapid “thwap thwap, thwap” sound as the belt skipped over the pulley teeth. If it isn’t doing that you are fine

Ahh, ok. That settles it then. Thank you for the clarification.
Here’s a picture from when it touches the plate, if some of you’d like to compare their printer’s point of touch.

Mine taps slightly closer to the center than that.