Y Axis Not Reaching Limit Switch

I powered up my Taz 5 after a long storage period. When I did an Auto Home the y axis kept moving backwards and made a grinding sound. I realized that if I manually depressed the limit switch, everything worked and that the bed never seemed to reach or engage with the limit switch. How would I go about adjusting that distance? I thought about adding a part to the back of the carriage to reach the switch sooner but I’m sure there’s a better way…

There must be something physically blocking the movement. Coming in/out of storage, the frame may be out of square and binding up. Can you slowly and easily move the axis all the way to the limit switch (with the machine power off, of course)?

Yes I can move it all the way back, but it stops maybe a quarter inch short of the limit switch. I’m wondering is the back y-axis limit switch supposed to have the lever on it? Mine doesn’t so wondering if it got ripped off somehow. If so, where would I get a replacement? Don’t see it on the Lulzbot site but found this:

Limit Switch - IT-Works 3D (itworks3d.com)

Some machines had levers, others didn’t. My Taz6 didn’t have levers, but I know earlier machines did.

There’s nothing special about the switches, just make sure you’re plugged in correctly, as there’s normally open and normally closed sides of the switches.

An alternative is to just glue on a chunk of hard rubber/TPU on whatever pushed the button to make it reach the button that the lever was pushing.

On the TAZ 6, the limit switches are on the moveable bed and they contact the front pulley holder bracket and the back stepper motor bracket. There are no levers on my switches.

Does this OHAI provide any insight?