Z Axis assembly Left/Right Alignment - Left Picture

I’m having some issues with the left side of my prints that are getting pressed down more than the right.
Something doesn’t look correct with the Z axis assembly’s when comparing Left and Right. After I do a Auto Home In the pictures you can see the Left assembly has a significantly larger gap to the top of the frame compared to the right. I believe the auto leveling is compensating for some of the out of level issue. One thing to note is I think the Z brake card needs to be replaced as when I power off the machine the left side does drop further about a half inch. Is this larger gap on the left side normal? Would a new Z brake card level it all out?

Ya so final outcome on this is this printer is simply not worth the price, it doesnt print correctly and has lack of support and poor build quality .

Which printer is it? I had similar issues with my Taz6 because a friend accidentally spun my z axis lead screw. In fact mine was so bad it didn’t move at all and bound up. The left motor only growled… So I used some calipers to measure the distance from the x axis rods to the bed. I spun the right rod until the numbers were the same one far left to far right and it works good now. Printing my 3rd thing of the night. Still haven’t heard back about my issue with nozzle wipe pressure but I imagine this forum isn’t as busy as some other 3d printer forums may be. If your printer is NEW then I’d skip this forum and call customer support.

This is the Mini 2, looks like they changed over to belts for the z axis instead of the screws rods used on the version 1. At this point I think Im going to order the z brake board as this component is suppose to hold the length of the x axis in the upper z axis when the unit is powered off. As it is now the left side of the x axis droops down when I power off. Then when I turn the unit back on it makes a banging sound when I auto home but it does bring the left side of the x axis back up the z axis as the motors energize. This is when the pictures come into play as it looks like the left and right side of the x axis are quite level in the z axis. Unfortunately the unit is about 2 years old and out of support, I’ve not really used it much but started getting interest back into it and of course these issues occur to test my patience. hahaha

I disagree with “2 years old and out of support”. I think “out of warranty” is more accurate. I believe that if you contact LulzBot support, they will answer your questions and assist in getting your printer working, but if they determine that replacement parts are needed, they won’t send them to you for free and you can’t send the printer back to them for free repair. I believe you can still get the machine refurbished for a fee.

There is also a lot of documentation available online including the procedures for initial setup. I have a TAZ6 but I recall seeing multiple posts about the Mini 2 and initial calibration. A search of these forums should find most of those discussions.

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Lots of people have this issue with the mini 2 (including me). The weight distribution and load are biased to the left side, and the X carriage will tend to tilt this direction when unpowered (or when steps are missed, or it’s looked at the wrong way, etc). The z brake is largely ornamental. It just keeps the bed from falling when unpowered, but should not be trusted to keep the carriage level for actual printing. Things to check that can help:

  • Make sure you level the x axis immediately before every print, and before any bed leveling. This should fix many issues.
  • make sure the left side cable chain is not impinging on vertical movement. The cables on the mini 2 are run hella-tight for some reason. The left side of the x carriage carries a lot more weight than the right side , including a lot of cables, and the force of bending all those cables in a tight radius can drag the left side down.
  • You can increase the z stepper current in marlin to give a little more torque to the steppers, which can help keep things aligned. Just have to watch temps on the driver.