Z axis threaded part

Does anyone know if the Z lifter part shown in the attached picture is 3d printed or an off the shelf part? I can find the main X axis motor mount, but the part that threads onto the Zaxis is missing. The OHAI doesn’t really describe it at all that I can see either.
ScreenHunter_03 May. 12 14.00.jpg
I’m trying to get an extra one.


From the BOM it is a 10mm x 2mm Flange mount supernut (Thomson MTS10 x 2m). You might check out IT Works (https://itworks3d.com/product/lulzbot-mini-z-axis-flange-mount-supernut-hd-nt0047/) for purchasing options.

Yeah it’s a professionally made nut made out of delrin type plastic which has a low coefficient of friction. The ones from I-T-W should work well. You can find it mentioned in the Mini BOM http://download.lulzbot.com/Mini/1.03/production_docs/Mini-BOM.ods

I modeled one in Solidworks to be tested to see if one can print one out themselves. I have not tested it yet though. If you decide to print one i would recommend using a filament with a low coeficient of friction like Nylon or igus Tribo-filament. But i’ve heard rumors that PLA might work.

Here it is on Thingiverse. Let me know if you test it please!