1lb combat robot with nylon printed parts

check out my bot. the 2 white parts on the front are taulman 910 printed on my lulzbot mini! and they held up pretty well during this battle with a lot of hard spinner hits.


video of battle :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s awesome! Have any more info on your build specs and process?

nylon is stronger the hotter you print it, but also warps more, so you gotta take additional steps to keep it from peeling off build plate during build.

so i print at 252 C, with brim turned on, fan turned off, use purple gluestick.

i also put the nylon in the oven at 200 F as much as possible to dry it out beforehand so it doesnt get bubbly when printing.

also you have to be really careful when doing bed leveling (since the nylon sticks in the nozzle tip) or it will ram into sensors or if it even hits the sensors too high it will level a little too low and then can end up burning your PETG sheet

the nylon parts for this robot used to a titanium wedge and an aluminum arm, but i decided to replace them with nylon stuff using my printer since it is more flexible and as a result will absorb impacts more and transmit less impact loads thru the rest of the structure (which can damage your electronics)

had some issues with the nylon bubbling at infill the first layer only. prints really nice above there.

i did some research and I believe this is due to increased pressure causing the nylon to boil (not moisture in the filament). The pressure is increased because of the cura default to print first layer at 125% which causes the increased pressure. I am going to try 110% or less on future prints. Also, larger perimeters since these have less overlap than infill.

source: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?262,598768,599349