Tips for printing Nylon

I’m printing with the Taulmen 618 3mm nylon filament on my brand new Taz 4 and would love some advice.

I started with the Lulzbot recommended Slic3r profiles and a 238° hot end with a 60° bed as recommend in the Lulzbot filament guide. The first print didn’t stick to the PET bed very well even with a skirt, so I tried blue tape on a cold bed, and it stuck OK.

Here’s the first print of the 50% scale octopus:

As you can see it came out OK, but a bit blobby. Nylon seems to ooze very easily and I wonder if anyone has suggestions about temperature and retraction settings that might help?

RichRap’s blog post ( a mine of information, but I need some more specifics to get the quality of the prints under control. Based on his advice, I have a Garolite sheet on order to print onto. It has different branding in the UK and I got a Tufnol Whale Sheet 300 x 300 x 3mm from here: Small parts print OK on blue tape, but larger parts tug the tape really hard an pull it off the bed. I’m hoping the Garolite will be better.

Check out

I think nylon likes to be hot. It also likes to ooze and blob. All metal hotends with short melt zones can help with both of these things.