First Time Printing With Nylon

Getting ready to print with MatterHackers Pro Series Nylon on my Mini V1 With Aerostruder. I’ve printed with ABS, TPU, and PLA.
But Usually use the stock settings and modify them a little to my liking. There isn’t nylon in the material settings. So what is the best seettings for Nylon?
I found some nylon settings on Lulzbot’s site. But I haven’t figured out yet how to get them into the material without having to put it all in manually.

If you don’t want to enter everything manually, I recommend starting with Lulzbot’s profile for Taulman Alloy 910 Nylon, then adjust as needed. The temps recommended on MatterHackers’ site for their Pro Nylon look similar to what works for A910. Make sure to put some PVA-based glue on the PEI bed.

Watch for bubbles in the extrusion… Nylon is very hygroscopic – and I’ve had brand new spools delivered in vacuum packaging with desiccant that were nonetheless very damp. You may need to bake the filament to dry it out if you see bubbles or steam.

Matterhackers has some tips for their nylon here: