1st layer pla not cooperating

For some reason, my Taz 6 1st layer is doing this:

.3 nozzle
.3 line width
-1.4 Z offset

Any ideas? Is this appearance characteristic of anything?

Did the same thing with -1.5 and -1.35 z offets.

What is your layer height set to?

That particular pic was layer ht = .15, initial layer .3.
Similar results with layer ht = .15, initial = .425.

Let me offer some thoughts. Others can add and perhaps correct me as well.
It is my understanding that the max layer height is somewhere around 3/4 that of the nozzle diameter. If so, you should not set a layer height greater than .23mm, especially for the first layer if your nozzle diameter is .3mm.

Another consideration is the filament material. I’ve has similar issues with PETG more so than PLA.

I also believe you Z-offset is too low. I’d try to print a test rectangle and move the Z-offset on the fly to see how it performs.

I think I agree with @TigerMike. My TAZ 6 Z-offset is between -1.2 and -1.3. You haven’t mentioned which tool head you are using and since .3mm is not a “standard” nozzle width, you might also mention what nozzle you are using.

Layer sizes seems to have done the trick. Changed to ht = .1, initial at .2. I still haven’t figured out why i have to run my offset so much greater than other folks, but will look into that next. I am writing this before on about the 3rd layer on the same print as above, so we will see how much effort it takes to remove it. Current offset is -1.5.

In any case, the advice is much appreciated, thanks.