Problem with First Layer

For some reason, my Taz 6 has been printing bad first layers lately. When the print is complete, the base of the print is not solid. I have attached a photo. Any suggestions?

You are too far from the bed. Lower the Z height offset, and also check for underextrusion and possible filliament slipping.

New Taz owner here.

Have same issue. The advice is to lower z offset.

Where? If startup gcode - what command? In printer setup, tuning - how?, in cura printer profile, how?

I’m assuming after bed leveling. Did u fix it?

What I’ve done so far:
Measured filament in several places and averaged.
Lowered first layer extrusion.
Calibrated extruder steps. 100m dead on.

You set this on the machine itself, Configuration > Advanced Settings > Z Offset. I usually start up a print of the fish fossilz keychain (found below) and adjust as it’s printing the first layer. Goal is to get it to fill in each section properly, but don’t squish to much that the sections connect. Cancel after the first layer then try again if it’s not dialed in by the time it starts on the second layer.