2000 grit sandpaper?

I need to clean some PLA residue off the bed, and IPA isn’t touching it.

I see people talking about using 2000 grit sandpaper to clean their PEI sheet. Where are people finding this stuff? The local hardware looks at me like I’m crazy when I ask about it. The finest grit they carry is 600.

If I do find some, do I wet-sand with IPA or diluted IPA?

A hobby store will carry it, or a car paint shop. I have seen it in Fred meters too. Ace hardware also stocks it if you have one of those. Its generally black, and may be sold as wet/dry sandpaper

Thanks. I’ve got 600 grit wet/dry from the local hardware for other projects, but nothing finer.

There’s a very good auto-body/paint/mechanic garage a couple of miles from me. I’ll see what they might have. Their daughter is in the class that has the Mini in question, so I’m sure they’d be happy to donate a sheet or two.

Water is cheaper usually. :sunglasses:

Also less flammable if you accidentally sand too fast.

I really like the 3M Trizact paper for cleaning the PEI. I start with the 2000 to remove visible outlines and scratches, using water and VERY LIGHT pressure.

I then finish with the Trizact 3000 grit (or do the entire job with it, if the defects didn’t warrant 2000). The 3000 is foam backed and leaves a finish that I find very close to the original PEI surface.

Probably cheaper if you can find it locally to avoid shipping.

I found 2000 grit at Home Depot, and per some research have been using it with a 10% isopropyl solution to clean my bed. Seems to have worked well and helped to limit corner lift.

A bit off topic… Curious if anyone has tried a cutting pad for polishing cars and removing scratches. Would be nice if we could use a power drill to sand for maintenance or a quick buff for large surface areas.

I haven’t. But I do use one of the green “no scratch” Scotchbrite pads made for pots/pans to scrub the bed between prints, removing any residue or small pieces that were left behind by the print. It works pretty well. It does seem to “polish” the surface over time (gets shiny rather than dull), but that does not seem to affect adhesion – at least not with ABS, HIPS, NGEN or PETG. I can’t speak for PLA because I never use it, and I use glue-stick for nylon and tglase.

I have the 3M headlight polishing kit. I think it would fit that need fairly well. It comes with velcro backed pads that have a thick (1/8") foam cushion. I’m not sure I would go wild with the drill though. I’d probably just do random figure 8’s by hand. From what I can find, the grit values are 1000 and 3000, so it may not quite be what you want.

What color is your 3M headlight pad? The cutting action of the sponge is fairly standardized. Orange is a medium-heavy cut, which is probably what I’ll try… probably the 1000.