Removing scratches from pei bed

Another newbie question…

When I received my refurbished lulzbot mini there were a couple of scratches on the pei bed. It looks like someone got too aggressive removing a well adhered part with the spudger. These scratches leave noticeable marks in parts.

After reviewing the various forums and maintenance guides it appears that my best shot at repairing the bed would be to wet sand the bed with 1000-4000 grit sandpaper using 1 part acetone diluted with 9 parts water as the lubricant. If that doesn’t work I’ll order a new pei print surface.

Does anyone have a better approach to buffing out the scratches?


Generally when we here in tech support recommend a bed reconditioning like what you described, we recommend using a mixture of alcohol and water 1:9 ratio rather than acetone. Other than that all of your information is totally sound.
I am also including our link to instructions for replacing the PEI sheet if you do end up having to replace it:

Thanks for the quick response and taking the time to answer a newbie question for the 100th time.

Searching for ‘recondition pei bed’ yield many results I missed in my first search.