.25 nozzle

Hey all,

I recently switched out the .5 nozzle for the .25 nozzle to print at a smaller layer height and I’m having some trouble figuring out why the extrusion rate is working well. It appears as though the extruder gear is ‘digging’ into the filament and carving out an arc so that it doesn’t actually have anything to grab onto and extrude anymore. It seems like this means it is trying to extrude faster than it can be pushed out through the nozzle, but I’m not sure what settings I should tweak.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you have the right settings in your slicing program. I used to print with the 0.25mm nozzle all the time, but it was taking to long when printing at 0.2mm layer height. I am probably going to go back to it because I loved the detail. I hope you have the z wobble under control.

Another thing is make sure the filament tension screws aren’t too tight, but not too loose. There is some wiggle room, but if not tight enough it won’t grip good and carve into the filament. If too tight could break the filament, make clicking noises, or squish the filament.

I’ve taken the setting straight from LulzBot downloads. It still seems like it is trying to extrude faster than what can be pushed out of the nozzle. I’ve messed around with speeds, but nothing seems to work properly.

You still should double check them…go thru all the settings and make sure everything looks correct.

Well I guess I’m not sure what ‘correct’ is. I don’t know what print speed is should be. Is there a setting that explicitly defines extrusion speed or is it calculated based on the movement speed of the nozzle during specific sections?

first step is to make sure the nozzle diameter is set to 0.25…

what slicing software are you using? if it is slic3r look here: http://richrap.blogspot.com/2012/01/slic3r-is-nicer-part-1-settings-and.html

What kind of filament?

Try dropping all the speeds in slic3r in half to see if it fixes it. If not, something else may be the culprit.

Also, are you sure you need such a fine nozzle? Most prints don’t require it. If it doesn’t it is much easier to print with larger nozzle sizes.

You can’t do that for everything. You need to input the right value for filament diameter yourself. Also you better be printing at 0.2mm or less for the layer height. Ay higher heights and you’ll have problems.