Aerostruder not extruding.

Hi, I have a mini 1 upgraded with the aerostruder. Recently my printer stopped extruding mid print, as if it was jammed. I can push the filament through by hand but when I let the extruder push it through it works fine at first (about 25mm) then starts grinding until its ground the filament flat and can’t push anymore. I’ve tried everything I can think of to try and get it clear, including a cold pull. I even ordered a new nozzle thinking that I couldn’t get the clog completely clear. It showed up today and I tried again. Same thing happened, works for about 25mm then starts grinding. I’ve made sure that all fans are working. I’ve made sure that the extruder teeth are clean. I’ve made sure the filament I’m feeding it is clean. I’ve even tried just feeding a small piece of filament so that it doesn’t have to pull anything off of the spool. Everything with the same results. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I’m all ears.

A turn or two of the idler may help grip and push the filament through.

Wanted to give a quick update. Normally I control my mini with octoprint on a pi3b. I just upgraded my mini with an LCD screen. Extruding filament with that has no problems. It also extrudes a lot slower than octoprint. I don’t know how to change the extrusion speed in octoprint, but I increased the temperature and tried again and it got further before starting to grind. This makes me think that octoprint is trying to extrude too fast for the plastic to melt. If anyone knows how to slow down octoprints extrusion speed, that would be helpful.

OctoPrint has no knowledge of speed, it just takes the gcode and feeds it to the printer. If you want to slow down your printing speed, you will make those adjustments in your slicer, generate new gcode, and send it to OctoPrint for printing.

Wanted to clarify, it happens when I send an extrude command from octoprint. Prints work fine as the gcode has the speed. This is a problem with what ever speed the extrude command is set too. This is only really a problem when I’m changing filaments as I run a lot of filament through to clean out the last filament

OctoPrint has printer profiles and in the Axes section you can set the maximum speeds.

This information is used for manual control via the “Control” tab. It does NOT influence already sliced files that you upload to OctoPrint!

Thank you so much. That completely fixed my problem. I’m feeling a little blind now for not seeing that earlier. Thank you again.