32-bit ARM based controller??

Is there any plan to upgrade or move to a more powerful 32-bit ARM based controller platform? The current 8-bit RAMPS board is very capable, but bogs down when trying to parse and run through gcode that defines a lot of curves and circular based movement quickly.

I have seen 32-bit based boards and looked into Marlin compiled for ARM, but I am unsure of compatibility with the existing printer platforms.

Any thoughts?

Curently only TAZ Pro https://www.lulzbot.com/store/printers/lulzbot-taz-pro is using Archim board https://github.com/ultimachine/Archim/wiki, which has 32bit ARM processor https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATsam3x8e.

This is very interesting! The Archim looks to be the same form factor as the RAMBo 1.3L and 1.4. Does that mean that it can be a direct replacement to the board in the TAZ6? If so, are there any plans to support a controller upgrade with Marlin 2.0 firmware for the Taz6?? I’m sure a great many people would an upgrade path!
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I’m working on a Taz Archim marlin 2.x port. It’s not done yet.

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Excellent. Please keep us updated! :smiley:

Did you complete the upgrade? How did it go?

I haven’t yet, other priorities have been in the way, but several people in the facebook group have and report great success. All the new features, much quieter steppers. LCD implementations can be a little tricky.