Taz6 board dead, what next?

So there is the Archim 2, SKR 2?, and maybe Octopus Pro… Info is scarce on anything but the Archim, but the $300 + price tag makes it not worth it. Any suggestion welcome, hate to throwaway a decent machine.

I believe you can still find a Rambo 1.4 board (i.e. same as original).

I did octopus pro. No regrets, but I haven’t yet taken advantage of the extended capabilities.

Archim is the way to go if you don’t want to extend wiring.

SKR 2 is probably the best way to go if you don’t plan on doing any additional things like dual z axis control or 2+ extruders.

Can you share more information on switching to the octopus pro?

You just end up making an adapter to mount the board and extending the necessary wires (thermistors, stepper motors), which amounts to making several DuPont connector extensions. IIRC, the heater and main power wires all are able to reach without extending.

Here’s how mine looks:

After that, it’s configuring Marlin to your preference. I have mine set for smart filament sensor, sensorless homing.