Taz 6 Archim 2 Upgrade

Hi all,

I am wanting to upgrade my Taz with an Archim 2 board. Is this a straight forward upgrade? What firmware is everyone using? Does it automatically update from Cura LE?

Thank you!


If you’re comfortable crimping your own connectors and following somewhat ambiguous wiring guides - yes. I used this one and everything worked fine. Did not get the custom machined aluminum extrusion heatsink, because ordering a custom part is hard, and also it would have sat behind the board, next to the wall leading into the print chamber, which on my heated enclosure would have been bad. Instead I bought these heatsinks and they work well. They’re slightly bigger than the chips, but put some kapton tape where you might touch other components, or get smaller sinks. You’d also need a good thermal epoxy.

For the firmware, use Drunken Octopus, it’s well maintained and Marcio provides excellent support, he’s an an actual ex-Lulzbot employee and has a Patreon. The forum isn’t too active, but people help out and all the obvious upgrades like BLTouch are covered there.


converted my TAZ 6 the last days with the guides described by “glebbb”.
quite straight forward, have to do the cable extensions later.
Can see quite an improvement in print quality and that the printer is almost silent.

Now I am wondering how to get Cura LE to recognize the converted TAZ?
Any hints/tricks?