3D Print Warping and Bowing

Good day, Using Matchbox PLA here Nozzle temp 190C Bed temp 80C on buildtak. Can anyone here answer why my print is bowing and warping like this, what setting should I change? I tried brim of 5 layers , reduced fan to 60% but still getting this.

80C is way too hot of a bed temperature for PLA. Try 55 to 65C

What Joe said. Also, for large pieces with sharp corners, I’ve found that introducing a 6-8mm radius on the external corners. Corners focus the material stress at a single point, and it is unlikely that adhesives can resist this force. I don’t know if you have this design flexibility, but after temperature changes and print settings, I was able to improve the success of a particular print through geometry.

Check the bed leveling… looks like that corner is being compressed from the first layer based on the “elephant foot” happening. To validate, rotate the model 180 in the Z and reprint. If that same corner warps, then probably bad leveling.

Could also try extruding at lower temp (stay within temp range specified by manufacurer). Should allow the extruded material to cool /harden faster.