Feet added to large PLA print with great success!

HI all,

I have been getting better and better at doing large PLA prints without getting warping around the edges. My latest technique involves adding small “Feet” around the corners of the print, that are attached to the main object with cut-away tabs. The feet really act to lock down the main object well. In the following photos, you can see my very large print object, and the success of the feet that are added. Also shown, a small “heat wall” around the whole design to try and bathtub the hot air around the object. This object is particularly challenging for warping just because the shape naturally wants to curl at the edges.

The Taz 5 is my first step into 3d printing, I have been using it for about 4 months. I have to say, I am extremely satisfied with this printer. Once you get it up to speed, it is a real workhorse. I have pushed out a ton of plastic and have had very few problems.


I am surprised you are having warping problems with PLA. What PLA are you using?

Village Plastics from Lulzbot.

Look how large my print is… warping gets challenging around those edges. Especially where you see holes in my design close to the corners. That reduces the amount of adhesion the object has to the bed around the corners.

ABS is usually the plastic that warps. PLA almost never lifts or warps. It has its own issues.

That is odd. You could try raising the bed temp a couple degrees. Also, giving the bed a vigorous wipe with IPA and a cotton rag will help. The PLA leaves a little residue after a while.

I print some pretty large stuff as well and I have never had a problem with PLA warping off the bed.