3d Printed Halloween Costume - Daft Punk


So this year I wanted to go as Daft Punk.

Got the model on thingverse here and here.

Printed the Guy Manuel with 90% scale based on few comments. Used a 5lb reel of ABS from Village Plastics. I wanted to use ABS because it is easier to sand, finish and chemically weld the parts together.

The visor is vacuum formed with a 3d print model.

The end result is pretty good I think. I did not have the time to finish the electronics parts as I wanted in time, My original plan is a full led matrix for both visors, that is currently on the works. All lightning and electronics was made on the last day. I used a teensy-lc and WS2812B leds.

I will update this with more pictures of the process if you guys are interested.

Nice :slight_smile:


So cooooooooooool :smiley:


That is crazy awesome!.. And inspirational. :slight_smile: