3D Printed Obi Wan Lightsaber.

Here’s a print I did inspired by the great work by Valcrow here. http://www.redicubricks.com/. Printing was a challenge in and of itself but the painting was a whole new ball of wax. Extremely fun and rewarding however. But unlike Valcrow’s, this one was done on a Lulzbot Taz 5.

A few more shots…

Sweet! ABS/PVA?

All ABS. .35 Nozzle. .14 layer height. Sliced with Cura.

do you have any finished shots? what is that white stuff in the first picture?

Amazing paint detail paulmorley. Did you need any sort of specialized paint to stick to the abs? Great work. Keep it up!

The white stuff is salt that i packed into the low spots to act as a mask when spraying the silver. It protected the dark underneath from the silver. I used acrylic hobby paints (variety) and a $20 airbrush from Harbor Freight. Read online about airbrushing and just tried it out. I did spray one base coat of grey on before getting to the darker colors. All the rust looking areas are just the difference between the darker layers and lighter layers where the salt masked.