3d printer settings help?

First let me start out by saying I’m pretty new to this whole 3d printing thing and any help would be very much appreciated. Shortly after I purchased the Lulzbot mini, I found a kickstarter that allowed me to print out dungeon tiles for my Dungeons and Dragons game. I won’t put the link up because I don’t want to seem like I’m advertising, but the settings they suggest don’t seem to be in the lulzbot mini settings in Cura. What I mean is this:

Recommended Print Settings for the Tiles

Temperate: PLA 200 (75 bed); ABS 220 (75 bed)
Primary Layer height: 0.1000
Top Solid Layers: 6
Bottom Solid Layers: 4
Outline Shells: 2
Infill: 15%
Speed: 60.0 mm/s

I assume the primary layer height is the layer height setting under the quality setting. But the top and bottom solid layers? Are they the bottom/top thickness under the fill setting? Also is outline shells the shell thickness setting under quality. I get the infill percentage and speed that’s a given. I set everything up to how I “thought” it was supposed to be and a simple 3x3 tile with 3 walls and one open space was going to take a whopping 13 hours! That can’t be right can it?

Again, thank you for your time.

Re: layer height: yes, you are correct.

Re: top/bottom solid layers: yes, this refers to the top/bottom thickness in Cura. However Cura has just 1 setting instead of 2 separate ones. So you could try setting it like this:

Bottom/Top Thickness: 0.6mm will give you 6 layers on both (because the layer height is 0.1mm per above.)
Bottom/Top Thickness: 0.4mm will give you 4 layers on both (again because the layer height is 0.1mm.)
Or you could try 0.5mm to compromise between the 2 suggested values they provided.
Or you could try 0.3mm to try to speed it up. I’m not sure how strong the part needs to be.

Re: outline shells: 2: For this, assuming 0.5mm nozzle, you should set the “shell thickness” parameter to 1 mm. (If you entered 2mm here, then you would get 4 shells, again assuming 0.5mm nozzle. This would make the outer shell take twice a long.)

This explanation of how the parameters relate is available in Cura if you hover the mouse over the field name and read the tool tip. (I learned a lot from Cura this way and then experimenting and watching the printer.)

FWIW, I usually set bed at 60 for PLA on my TAZ.

Hope this helps or someone can correct my mistakes. I’ve been printing only a few months.

Ahhh awesome. Yes, this helps out a lot. I will play with the settings a bit to see how long it takes. I appreciate the clarification more than you know.

Concur! I think 75 is too hot for PLA. I always use 60 as well.