Need Help with Cura Settings

I am using Cura to print the small enclosure lid shown below. I am using the preset Cura Medium settings from the LulzBot website. The sides layers of the of the lid are not very strong and easily peel apart. Can someone please explain why this is happening and what settings I should change to help this issue?

My thought is that it has to do with my printing speed?

Thank you


In order to help we’ll need more information:

What material are you printing with and at what temp? More pictures of the top of the model will help as well.


Do you know what the width of the walls in the model are? Could be that the extrusion width is such that Cura can’t get an integer number of shells to match your desired dimensions. Repetier Host has a good g-code viewer that will show you what’s going on on a layer-by-layer basis. The Lulzbot Cura Medium profile has a shell thickness of 1.05, so for a wall thickness of under 2 mm the infill shouldn’t be a factor.

I’m guessing you’ll get better results if you try the Lulzbot Slic3r default settings.


Thanks a lot for the replies!! I will take a look at Repetier Host and the Slic3r default settings. I have messed around with the Cura settings a bit and I am starting to get better results. I get the best results using the LulzBot preset Fine settings.

Material: ABS
Extruder Temp: 230
Bed Temp : 85
The Thickness of the walls are 4.7mm.

I threw the part away so I cant upload more pictures sorry.

Is your printer enclosed, or open to drafts and cool air?

ABS needs really warm ambient temps. Raise your bed temp to 95c and build an encloser around your printer to trap in heat and prevent cross drafts and cool air from reaching print area. Use cardboard if you need to.

The ambient temp around my printer is usually somewhere between 90 and 95 degrees F.

ABS shrinks when it cools. If it cools too quickly the layers separate.