747 Sidekick Issues


I got a new sidekick 747 and out of the box it worked great for a couple prints. Been having a ton of issues with print adhesion and the print head colliding with the print which tears it off the bed.

I have leveled the bed, I’m sure that’s ok. I have the Z-offset set well, the first layer prints perfectly. Still having some issues with adhesion and mostly the print head collisions.

Appreciate the help!

Edit: Why did this topic hit the top of the new posts in the forum? Anyway, answer is still relevant, even if it’s not needed anymore.

Saying you have a perfect first layer and adhesion problems is like saying your car runs great, except that it tends to explode every time it runs. If you’re having adhesion problems, you don’t have a perfect first layer. Excluding, of course specific prints like The Warpinator that are made specifically to test bed adhesion against plastics like ABS warping.

Photos of the failures generally help a ton, because there’s about 70 different things that can cause adhesion problems. Photos of the underside of the first layer are pretty important, but photos of your last successful print and some of the failures are also helpful.

#1 - The 747 uses a touch sensor for leveling, so it should be level, but confirm the Z offset anyway, something may have settled following a few heat cycles through the machine and changed the touch sensor’s relation to the nozzle.

#2 - A small amount of oils from your skin can ruin adhesion, wipe with isopropyl alcohol. It’s cheap. Do it frequently.

#3 - What materials/software/profiles are you using?

I have a Sidekick 747 and for whatever reason, I am having difficulty finding solutions to my issues. My printer is still under warranty. I would be willing to pay, on an hourly basis, for a very experienced and knowledgeable Sidekick 747 user to give me some phone support. I can pay with Venmo, Zelle or Apple Pay.

What kind of issues are you having by chance?

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If it’s under warranty, lulzbot has very good and knowledgeable support. Use it before paying a user here if you need more help than is provided in the board here.

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I have used their support many, many times. I will not comment on how I would rate it, but I am at a point where I need to get help elsewhere.

Ok, I see. If I had experience with the Sidekick, I’d see what I could do, but I have only worked with the Taz 6, Mini 2 and Taz Pro. I have enough general experience that if you post what your issue(s) are, I might be able to offer some assistance, but nothing specific to the Sidekick.

Thank you for offering to help. Before I get into specific printer problems, I would like to confirm that I am at the latest version of Cura and the Marlin. I am currently running Cura Lulzbot Edition at 3.6.37 and Marling at Am I up to date? Thanks

That all depends on the printer setup.
What tool head do you have installed?

The latest version in that build for the sidekick universal firmware would be
It looks like your firmware may not be the universal one, which would means that you would not be up to date.

Hot End: M175V1, I have the conversion part to upgrade to V2 on order. Once installed, will that allow me to upgrade firmware to
Thank you

is there a way to post pictures with my reply? it would make the explanation of my problems much clearer. Thanks

Just drag and drop pictures onto the reply. You can also use the Upload icon above the replay text area.

You should always be able to post one picture and as you interact with this forum, you will gain the ability to post more than one at a time.

. In general, the problems are most noticeable in the 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock quadrant. As a “new” user, I am only allowed to embed one pic. I have many more. I don’t know what is required to become a non[new user

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