Taz sidekick 747 doesn't work

I’ve had the taz sidekick 747 since early September. I immediately had issues with the bltouch out of the box. I got that fixed by just doing a lot of self testing. I was able to print two sample prints with the stl file that cam on the sd card. After that, nothing.

I still have issues with bltouch on and off. I just cleaned and adjusted set screw. It works for now.
I’ve reset settings, upgraded firmware and I still have issues. I have tried other models off thingiverse…I download the stl file, resave in cura, then try printing. Nothing seems to work.

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone help me start over and troubleshoot from scratch? Surely it can’t be this hard to print fresh out of the box?

I only have mac and Lulzbot has only released the latest version of the software to windows only so I’m using a workaround given by support to use it on mac.

Hey Jason. I too am only MacOS and have had the machine since this fall. My BL Touch stuck but has been working perfect since. Lulzbot Cura is buggy but I have had much better results recently with PrusaSlicer and Slic3r. There is a Facebook group for the Sidekick machines that has been super helpful as well, including a PrusaSlicer profile from Stephen that is amazing. PrusaSlicer is really tough with supports and rafts for dialing in. I have been told there is a new Lulzbot Cura coming very soon as well which is good news.

Hang in there! Definitely reach out to support (they are great) if you need it I hope to see you in the Facebook group so that we can all give each other a hand. I am a noob, but the 747 is running awesome for me and can for you as well.

I have been struggling for over 8 months to get my Sidekick 747 to work. My latest problem is any print larger than 6cm x 6cm will fail immediately. Only part of the skirt adheres to the base plate and it just gets worse once the actual object tries to print. I do not like the support. Everything is via email and takes forever. If it wasn’t a huge PITA I would ship it back and buy from a different mfg. As an example of bad their support: I told them I was on firmware and I was told to upgrade. After I ran the upgrade it was still Just another waste of my time with Lulzbot support

Firmware updates come through the Cura LulzBot Edition software … but this doesn’t automatically download latest firmware. The firmware is included in the download. You should update Cura, then use the latest version to update the printer firmware.