Terrible prints

I am at my wits end and am about to send the printer back. Attached is what I am getting from my printer (T5), I have leveled the bed with a dial indicator as well as set the z height. I am a machinist by trade so I know how to check heights and gaps. I leveled the bed within ~.001" (0.0254mm) the bed has a slight crown in the center but nor bad. I cleaned the bed with DNA, leveled the x rail to the bed with a master square as a height gage and its within 0.0015 or 2", and the nozzle to bed gap is .004" or 0.103mm at the home position. I’m using matter control to run the printer . HELP!

The nozzle is slightly too far away from the bed at start, beyond that we need more information to help. First off, what material are you attempting to print, and what settings are you using? Specificaly, filliment type, filliment diameter, nozzle size, print bed temperature, hotend temperature, Fan on or off and what percentage, and anything else you want to post. That almost looks like what you get if you try to print PLA at ABS temperatures without any cooling fan.

Definitly not a normal looking print.

Thanks for the fast reply, i thought the nozzle to bed gap should be the thickness of paper and that why i set it to 0.004".I and using matter hackers abs with a bed temp of 110 but read on the forums to bump it down to 80c but left it at 90. Nozzle is 3.5mm ( I think its a new printer and this is was in the default settings) filament 3mm, nozzle temp is 250c. Fan speed is off for the first 5 layers, at least it was but I can’t find that setting. I will add that I was able to get prints off of it that were OK but broke in half really easy when I first set it up like I explained but I never could get the layers to stick together and it was “brittle” I guess you could say. I travel alot and have printed very little but have made some decent ones but now I don’t know what happened. Here are some previous prints. Im not sending it back just frustrated. Thanks again

The nozzle should be 0.35mm. It sounds like you set the gap properly, maybe add a -.05mm Z offset in your slicer to lower the first layer slightly to the bed. 250 is way to hot for anything buy nylon. I print ABS at 235 and PLA at 190ish on my TAZ5. 90 Should work for a bed temp for ABS or HIPS. PLA should be 60 or so.

Please attach your gcode file for that first photo

It is i missed the decimal

The earlier Taz versions before the 5 did want an 85 degree bed. The newer ones you will want closer to 100 or even 110. I’d start with 100 and raise it 5 degrees until you are getting good consistant adhesion. Do a couple of first layer prints (print the first layer, stop, pull it off the bed) if the lines of fillimint look uniformly squished down, and appear to be touching all the other lines next to them, you are probably close enough to the bed. if there are any gaps, you are too far away. If the resulting first layer seems too thin, you are probably too close.

For printing temperature, lighter color filiments usually want a little lower temperature. I would generally print Black abs at around 240. 250 is probably a bit too warm, and for Gray ABS i’d be around 235 or even 230.

if you are printing ABS, you want absolutly zero cooling fan unless you are printing a very small layer section or bridging something. Your fan should otherwise be off all the time.

You are overextruding a little bit in those other two parts. You’ll want to find where the filliment diameter setting is, and measure your filliment vs what is the default value and adjust as needed.

The nozzle size may actually be off. The earlier Taz 5 fleet shipped with a 0.35mm nozzle, the later ones shipped with a 0.5mm nozzle. The nozzle size will be writtin on the side of it. if you actually have a 0.5mm nozzle, that would explain some of the oddness you are seeing. The fan is likely causing alot of the rest of it.

That slicing program looks interesting (at least not familiar) have you tried using the LulzBot version of Cura in quick print mode?

The previous two were printed when I first put it together after a few test prints, I have been reading setup ect trying to get good prints and read on checking the axis movements ect. All were good except the extruded amount and I bumped it down from 848 to 844.5 I think and was getting right around ~100mm extruded. Went out of town without printing anything and this is what I got when I started printing again so I bumped it back up trying to figure it out. I just bumped the bed down to 90 last night, its been at 110 since i bought it. I am thinking of reloading the drivers and software and seeing where that gets me. Brent I never used cura, I downloaded matter control before the printer came in and got a feeling for it and stuck with it. I may have to try cura

Are you measuring the extruded noodle or the amount of filament that is fed into the extruder?

The amount that is fed in, thanks for the help i appreciate it

Looks like is printing pretty good now, lowered the home position to where the tip was almost touching the bed. I’m at work but my son send a picture and its not a blob of goo! Thanks for the help guys, I thought 0.004" was close enough