abs printing problem

i am brand new to 3d printing and i keep getting really bad splitting problems on abs prints. i do not have a box built around the printer yet i will do that today my question is its recommended to be at 225-230 for nozzle but im reading people are doing 240-250 just wanted to make sure thats not gonna burn my nozzle up also i had someone recommend turning off the fan while printing abs and with the enclosure around the printer is turning off the fan safe and if so how do i turn it off…

thanks in advanced

i have the taz5 in case this makes a difference

Your Taz 5 nozzle can easily handle 240-250 degrees or higher. The older style Taz4 Buddaschnozzle had trouble near 240.

ABS splits, or “Lifts” due to uneven cooling. THe bottom layers cool at a different rate than the top layers, and tend to retract and pull things up. A higher iniitial print temperature will result in stronger layer bonds, which will minimize that. The enclosure also prevents cooling and reduces lifting significantly. For ABS you almost never want any nozzle fan at all except for when you are printing either very small parts or bridging a string of fillament from one point to another over a gap. Otherwise it causes more harm and more lifting than good.

Yup, its all about temps and cooling.

The temperatures will depend on the filament and possibly color. Try a few different brands at first and stick with the one which prints the best… after a few reels, you’ll know. :slight_smile:

With that said, I print ESUN ABS at 245C for the first few layers and drop to about 242C as the print gets taller.

Too much cooling from the fan can affect layer bonding also. ABS likes to cool naturally for the least amount of contraction. Use higher speeds when bridging, but fairly low to just help the cooling.

My recipe for a good print: Start 30-40% fan after 3-4mm of the print or a good rigid foundation… turn the bed to 100C (ABS can still bend at 185F or 85C) so the model doesn’t warp.