looking ABS tips?

I have a lulz bot taz 5 and I am trying to figure out the trick to print with abs. I am using IC3d and what is happening is I am getting big separation on prints I have tried less infill, Putting a towel over my printer, and no running no fan during prints. After not using the fan its almost there I just want to see if I cant get a better print.

The trick is getting it to stick. First, you need an absolutly dead level bed. If you are always getting lifting on one corner, raise it. Run the bedcalib code file a few times, etc. From there, with pei you want a .40mm thick starting layer height. Any thinner and it may prematurely curl.

For abs, you want zero fan unless you are bridging or printing a very small part. You want a 105 to 110 degree bed and a 240 degree starting nozzle temperature.

A brim layer (5mm) is pretty much a requirement. If you are printing thin tall things that are splitting, using a tall “skirt” layer can also be effective.

Some pictures of your prints would be helpful

In addition to piercet’s advice, increase the extrusion temp by a few degrees if layer separation / cracking is happening higher up in the print. Increase the extrusion temp… 2-5C. This will keep the filament hot longer helping the adhesion to the previous layer. Also use little to no fan… 50-60% max, no fan for first few layers.

well your suggestions have seem to work so far Ill pictures soon