ABS Shrinkage

Huh. thats a neat trick. I’ll have to try that out!

Thanks everyone for the additional suggestions! I changed the slic3r settings I was using and started with the high_quality_alt.ini this time, which apparently has a smaller layer height of .15, and it has a perimeter setting of 5. I put a space heater in the room (though I’m in San Diego and it’s been warm during the days when I’ve been printing), and I added plenty of brim, in addition to continuing to use a box over the printer with blankets on top of it. Unfortunately, it still has cracks :frowning: It’s printing right now and already I can see the cracks already, but I’ll take a picture when it’s done. I could try getting a heat lamp as well since I need to print more of these parts. Sounds like I should also get some PLA to try.

Oh thick are people making there skirt to prevent cracking and shrinkage?

I been trying to use them but I have had several skirts fail and break off which messes up the rest of the print. The rest of the printed Items are stuck firmly to the bed. I The last one I ran was about 2 mm wide. Really they need a brim setting for the skirt in my opinion.

I could be wrong, but shouldn’t this be layer heights in increments of 0.005mm?

We have updated Slic3r profiles available at: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/taz-slic3r-profiles

The important bit is that the layer height is divisible by 5- so that would work as well, but most people stay in the 0.1mm-0.25mm (with a 0.35mm nozzle) range.

Thing is, well, I’m trying to understand this, and the difference is that many more layer heights are divisible by 0.005 than 0.05. If it’s 0.05, then the good layer heights in that range would be 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25. If it’s 0.005 then 0.11, 0.12, 0.13 etc are also as good.

Bah, decimal points are hard yo :stuck_out_tongue:

Use layer heights in increments of 0.005mm. As long as the layer heights are divisible by that you’ll minimize banding.

neat :slight_smile: thanks

I have been trying to print a ABS box 100 x 100 mm, height 65 mm with wall at 2 mm.
Delamination every time, until I made a enclosure fitted with two halogen lamps each at 50 W
The temp inside stabilize at 39 C after 4 hours, perfect print no delamination. I made a square hole so the controller is sticking out not exposing it to the heat.

I been trying different settings, layer heights, .35 and .50 nozzle high nozzle temp…
Back to .35, 230 C and 85 C at bed.
Enclosure without the lamps did get the temp up to 34 but this was not sufficient.
This is only a 5 C difference, but I believe it may be slightly more as the lamps are pointing to the bed.

I have fitted a dimmer for the lamps as the high temp is not required at lower prints I believe.