ABS Stuck to Bed

Recently I have be having ABS parts sticking to well to the heat bed where I can’t get them off easily. I had to replace the heat bed as the original was faulty and could reach 85°C. Not sure if this is causing the issue. After prying the previous print off the bed this next one I use very little ABS/acetone to help the part release. It didn’t help, I had to tear the print apart to get it off. Printing with bet at 85°C and Nozzle at 230°C.

I’ve been told this is an issue with too much ABS in the lulzjuice.

I was having the same issues. Appears there’s a very delicate ratio you need to adhere too.

It could also be your extruder to bed gap is too small. I have the best results with a 0.005 inch gap. Check it with the bed and extruder at printing temp.

I will remix a batch of Lulzjuice, not sure if this one was overmixed, had it sitting a while. I checked the gap between nozzle and bed and it is good. My guess would be the lulzjuice. I will update after trying again. Thanks for the help.

If your juice is too thick when you apply it, just go over the bed with acetone on a cotton bud. That should balance it out
It’s always best to see the bed blurry as though your breathed on a glass surface. If you see too much smudge, it’s not balanced

If it had been sitting too much, acetone could have evaporated a bit leaving ABS strong