Lulzjuice - ABS

Is it possible to have too much ABS in the lulzjuice?

I’ve recently started having a hell of a time getting ABS parts off my PET.
Tearing holes into PET when a few months ago I was not having that issue. I should be getting better at this, not worse. :imp:

Two things have changed, went form black ABS to white, and mized up some new lulzjuice with the white ABS.

I’m being especially more than liberal with the application of lulzjuice.

I’m wondering if perhaps the ratio of Acetone to ABS is a rather delicate and it’s possible to have too much ABS in the solution creating a very strong and deep bond to the PET?


Yes. I added too much once. It was awful. Remix a new batch at the ratios recommended in the manual. Clean the bed with clear acetone and apply a few light coats of the new lulzjuice.


Manual calls for eight pieces of ABS about three inches long in the supplied container.

I’m guessing I have about twelve pieces in there. Miscommunication with another user. I think we both put “some” pieces into the bottle. :blush:

I am new to all this, but I have been finding that the tape isn’t needed with the glass bed (stock on a Taz 4).

The ABS juice in the ratio listed, a starting bed heat of 90, and switch it 80 when the print starts and my ABS prints stick pretty well. When the bed cools, sometimes they just “pop” off, sometimes a small amount of prying and they come loose.

Dealing with tape was one of my concerns coming into this; glad I haven’t had too so far.