Accessing any child windows in Cura under OSX?


I’m running LulzBot Cura 14.09 edition on a Mac under Yosemite 10.10.4 with a LulzBot Mini. Cura seems to run fine in ‘Quickprint’ mode but I cannot access any of the option windows, in fact no child windows at all, not even ‘Help/About!’

If I click ‘File/Preferences’ or ‘File/Machine Settings’ or switch to Expert mode and try ‘Expert/Open expert Settings’ then nothing happens. No windows open. Is there some setting I need to configure to enable these or is this a problem with the OSX version?

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling Cura, no change. Thanks.

For some reason OS X 10 and Cura 14.09 have some issues displaying windows. Try opening Expert Settings, then selecting Cura from the TaskBar (I know, it is already open); the Expert Settings window should show up.


Yes! That did it, thank you. :smiley:

Anytime you encounter weird little things like this post them here: We’re in the process of moving to our own internal bug-tracker/code repo that will be publicly accessible, but for now use Github issues.