Don't get the same options on my laptop

On my Mini, I want to use it with my laptop. However, after loading the Cura it doesn’t give me any of the options e.g. Quality, Shell, etc. And every time I change anything it closes and I have to reload Cura. I am using the same version on my desktop as on my laptop, 3.2.23. I also tried the new version on the laptop and same problem. The laptop is running Windows 7 and my desktop Windows 10 64 bit. Also it shows two printer, Lulzbot Mini and Lulzbot Mini #2. Don’t have a clue about that and when I remove #2, it closes Cura. When I restart Cura it is back to #2 again.

I am giving a demo next Saturday and need it to work with my laptop.


Just an update. Our user was able to change his display from 125% to 100% and this fixed his problem.

Thanks Jeff, was just getting ready to say it was solved.