Add Aerostruder to Kittaz/Taz4?

Can it be done easily? The aerostruder is listed as for the TAZ 5/6 and the Hexagon hot end is listed for the TAZ 4/5. I found a thread ( that lists the upgrades to move from a 4 to a 5 and all but one of the upgrades are about the hot end. I have already added the PEI sheet to mine and want to skip from the Hexagon straight to the Aero. If I add the extra wiring ( and replace the tool head harness ( would the Aero just be plug and play?

The upgrade that takes your printer from a Taz 4 to Taz 5 would enable you to jump straight to the Aerostruder toolhead. The only major difference between the two versions is the 5 came with an all metal hot end, PEI on the bed, internal wire harnesses to support the extra cooling fans for the all metal hot end, and a different connector for hot ends for ease of use. Once these updates have been made and you update the firmware to the Taz 5 you will essentially have a Taz 5 and be able to treat it as such moving forward so anything that is listed as compatible with the Taz 5 will be compatible with your printer.