TAZ4 + MOARStruder

I have a TAZ4 but I’ve upgraded it more than a year ago to use with the v2 extruder (Hexagon hot end). I was wondering if anyone could explain why the MOARstruder works with the TAZ5 but not TAZ4. Is the RAMBo control board different?

Maybe due to the TAZ 4 has a Budasnozzle while a TAZ5 has a Hexagon. Thus you need a Hexagon based printer to use a Moarstruder, so an updated 4 with a hexagon is a TAZ5 in essence.

The thing is I do have a Hexagon hot end, as I upgraded. So I’m not sure if that allows me to qualify for the MOARstruder upgrade.

I do not know anything about “qualify”, but if you can use a hexagon you can use a Moar.

In order to run a TAZ 4 with a MoarStruder you will need to have upgraded your printer to use a V2c hot end.

Specifically for the 4:

  • Install internal harness blower in order to operate the additional 5v cooling fan. (This wasn’t stock on the TAZ 4)
  • Internal Wiring Harness
  • Upgrade your external wiring harness to the V2c in order to have the connectors match.
  • External Wiring Harness

After that everything should work for you, you may just need to adjust your Y Axis plate a few mm to make room for the left hand fan duct.

Excellent. Thank you Brent!