We have a new Aerostruder head that we want to use on our Taz 5. We have tried to use the new 2.66 software with very limited success and have went back to the 21.08 software and it is working very well. Can we run the new head with this software? Lulzbot of course recommends updating but we are wary of the latest software.

With Taz5, it shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll want the new firmware (latest 1.1.5.xx release) to support the Aero, but Cura 21 will work fine with that firmware and the Aero.

With Taz6 or Mini, the 1.1.5.xx firmware requires some changes in the start script to make sure the probing/leveling work properly. Using Cura 21 and 1.1.5.xx firmware with them therefore requires incorporating new start scripts into the older Cura 21 profiles. But that isn’t an issue with the Taz5.

The only other thing you lose are the profile changes/tweaks Lulzbot has made for the Aero (i.e., temperature, fan, etc. in Cura profiles), since they haven’t back-ported those to the old Cura 21 profiles. But those are pretty minor changes from what I have seen.