Add new stepper motor to push filament

Hi, I have a LulzBot Taz 5.
I’m having a problem while I’m printing, after some time the stepper motor is not filling the extruder with filament, it starts eroding the filament and it can’t get more filament.
I was thinking if I can use the same idea of pulling filament so another stepper motor at the start of the Tube of filament so that the stepper motor can push the filament and it can help the main motor.
I want to know if it is doable looking at the mechanic and electronic view.


I moved my filament spools to the top of the frame on my TAZ 6 using these. The filament extruder has less work to do this way.

That would possibly cure the symptom but not the cause. I’ll take a guess and say you’re trying to run PLA through the toolhead, and PLA is notoriously bad in the Wade-style extruders on the Taz 5 and 6. You can get it with enough tuning, but these machines really were designed around ABS and other higher-temp materials that are less susceptible to heat creep.

If you’re intent on running PLA, I highly recommended you swap out for a 1.75mm dual-geared extruder. LulzBot offers the M175v2 (my favorite) the H175 (also good) and itworks-3d has a great H175-based extruder with the Revo hot end. You can make your own with a BMG extruder clone and an V6-style hotend for under $100, or build around an Biqu H2 toolhead for a little over $100.

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Assuming you have checked the obvious (temperature OK, no drag on the filament, tension springs on the extruder correctly tightened), then Wrathernaut’s advice is good. I had no real issues with the original Wade style tool head but 1.75mm is much better!