TAZ Dual Extruder Stepper Motor issue

Lulzbot Dual Extruder Tool 0, the rear most extruder. When I use Simplify 3D, select Tool 0, heat to temp and then try to extrude 10mm via control panel, all the stepper motor does is pulsate seizure like. If I then select Tool 1, front most extruder, and repeat…The stepper motor spins like normal.

I used the Lulzbot support page to flash firmware via Cura. https://www.lulzbot.com/support/firmware-flashing-through-cura

I haven’t gotten to the point of calibrating. Not sure why Tool 0 just won’t spin, but Tool 1 extrudes fine.

Any suggestions on things to look at?

I am running a TAZ5, I installed the adapter breakout cable as instructed, flashed firmware was instructed via Cura…Just kinda stuck at this point with trying to figure out the next step to look at for this Tool 0 Stepper motor.

Thanks in advance!

Loose small gear setscrew?

swap the cables and try it… if motor 1 pulsates its firm ware, if motor 0 still does it probably that motor

Good points! I will implement those tips after I figure out why neither extruder will now heat either. I have since reflashed back to factory firmware and put the original extruder back in to run some prints. But…I will be back at this soon!

Thanks for the tips!