Aerostruder connector with V2C tool harness

Can someone tell me what I’m supposed to do with the extra pin in the V2C tool harness on my TAZ5 that has no receptor in the Aerostruder connector? I have 2 pins sticking out of the V2C harness but only 1 open slot in the Aerostruder connector. Do I remove the pin & set aside? What’s the deal? Lulzbot has ZERO documentation on this. I assume the pin in the Aerostruder needs to connect to something.

That pin is just a guide pin. You can use it as a spare if anything happens to the other pins.

That pin on the Aero is the auto-level sense line which is not used/wired on the TAZ5 cable.

thanks. didn’t even think to look at the pin. i assumed it was connected.

I ran into this issue as well. The pins on the TAZ 5 V2C connector were used as a polarity key so you didn’t accidentally plug it in backwards. In order to use the Aerostruder, I have to remove them both and sacrifice the safety. I really would have liked to see documentation on this process. There’s even a specific installation guide for using the Aerostruder with the TAZ 5, but it has no mention of these pins that prevent the connector from fitting.

You can clearly see the pin incompatibility from this photo.

Lulzbot, I don’t remind removing the pins, but would you mind just adding a note about that in the online documentation? It would be much appreciated and I’m sure future customers would appreciate it as well.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We are working on an update to the OHAI to include steps for removal of the guide pins and correct connector polarity. We appreciate your patience as we implement this change.

We’ve updated step 10 in this guide to reflect this. Thank you theturtle32!

Thank you for updating the docs! One of the many reasons I love you guys.