Upgrading toolhead harness

Been searching the forums, and Lulzbot now sells a nice toolhead harness replacement for the machine, which I would like to get for my oldest taz5, but also want to retrofit my older toolheads, and I can’t find the mating connector for this https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/molex-connector-corporation/22-55-2161/WM2525-ND/171969 which I believe is the what is on the toolhead harness. Anyone have the link to the matching connector?

I think that’s the same connector for both sides, the difference is whether you install crimp pins or crimp sockets. I haven’t made one of that particular connector though so that could be incorrect. The connectors will be in the Taz 6 Bill of Materials (BOM) ODS file (openable in excel) inside download.lulzbot.com

Yes! The same.