Aerostruder on OG mini clicking

I have the original mini (or maybe version 1.1). Installed the Aerostruder a few months ago and have been very happy with print quality. One thing I have noticed, and not sure if it’s normal… when I extrude say 60mm of filament I can hear it clicking. I don’t notice this during normal operation. Is it simply that the filament isn’t melting fast enough or do I have the tension too high on it? Currently the nut is about 1/2 in the “window” on the top.

It could be a bit of both. Reach out to the support team with more information on the filament in use and extrusion temperature: Do you only see this during manual extrusions? Do you encounter this during prints? The nut should be about half-way, depending on the filament in use, it could go a little tighter or looser.

Only heard during manual extrusion while “purging” the previous color filament. Don’t have any issues when printing. Just curious if it could be a sign my tension is too high or something. Prints look great so I think maybe I’m just purging too quickly.

I wonder if the smaller stepper doesnt have the torque to move it through that fast. When printing it isnt going in as fast so the issue wouldnt appear. Try following the e step calibration guide( Dont change any estep values. Its just a simple to follow guide that extrudes slower than when you just pick extrude 20mm from the screen.

I’ll chime in and say mine clicks a bit too when extruding during filament load.