Mini won't complete print

I have a Lulzbot Mini that I got a few years ago. It was in storage until recently. I set it up and attempted to do a print. The filament will extrude for about 10% of the print and then it just stops extruding for some reason.

SN KT-PR0035NA-06*** - I am pretty sure it is a foxglove model. It was a refurb unit from the cluster.

I have successfully printed many things in the past but for some reason it is no longer printing.

I have never done any alterations to it.

Any suggestions?

Tough to say, but I assume you’re running the latest version of Cura. Have you also updated the firmware?

If that’s done and it still won’t print something sliced in the new software, start with the basics - heat up, do the filament load sequence and do an e-step validation.

If the tension on the filament is off, it’s easy to strip filament, especially if that filament is also years old.

I am running Cura Version 2.6.69

I updated the firmware on the unit from the Cura software.

How do I check the firmware version?

Think I found the problem.

Can’t print one so will have to order one.

Will post if this solves the problem.

You’re significantly out of date with Cura. Update that - LulzBot | Cura, then let it update your firmware.

As for the broken part, I’m not sure if they’re available for order, but there’s got to be somebody with a 3D printer that can print it up in your area, or maybe a makerspace or library that has one?

Take it off, melt it back together with a soldering pen, that should get it to last long enough to print a replacement anyway.

When replacing, make sure you do the “beefy” version: Index of /Mini/1.04/production_parts/printed_parts/beefy_extruder_idler (
Index of /Mini/1.04/production_parts/printed_parts/beefy_idler_latch (

Update: I updated Cura Software and updated the printer firmware. I glued the part back together with super glue and was able to print a replacement “beefy” extruder idler. Installed it and everything is working great again!

Thanks so much for your help Wrathernaut!

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